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Higher Ed Online Fundraising and the Rise of “Money Bombs”

Arizona State: $3.059 million in 36 hours … Columbia University: $7.8 million in 24 hours (after raising $6.8 million just one year earlier) … Santa Clara University: 2,600+ donors in 24 hours – by far their biggest day for donor participation ever. Short duration, online fundraising campaigns or “money bombs” are taking over higher education. … Continue reading

Average New Donor Acquisition During Online Campaigns – 40 Percent

Are you concerned about the future of your nonprofit’s base of fundraising support? Do you like the idea of adding new donors who are wealthy and well-educated? Then you might consider adding a robust online ambassador program and social media strategy, because simply put, nothing adds more new, wealthy donors more quickly than a well-run … Continue reading

I Love UD – Another Online Ambassador Campaign Nets Million Dollar Results

Another online ambassador program has resulted in a 7-figure-plus fundraising campaign for a higher education institution. This time, it’s the University of Dayton and their I Love UD campaign. In addition to the spectacular fundraising haul and large number of new donors acquired (27 percent of the 3,016 donors were making their first ever gift … Continue reading

Long Tail of Giving Follows Short Online Fundraising Campaigns

A new trend is starting to emerge that provides nonprofits with yet another reason to ramp up their online and social media giving efforts – the “long tail” of giving that follows those short-burst online fundraising campaigns. The roughly 24- to 72-hour, mostly-online or online-only campaigns have already proven themselves to be excellent tools for … Continue reading

Nielsen Study Shows the Monumental Importance of Online Ambassadors

According to a recent Nielsen study on which types of advertising or promotion people trust most, the top five in North America are: Recommendations from someone they know. Consumer opinions posted online. Editorial content such as newspaper articles. Emails they signed up for. Branded websites. In other words, if you want someone to know and … Continue reading

Obama’s Online Ambassadors – How It Can Work for Your Nonprofit

As someone who works in online and social media fundraising, I’ve been asked on more than one occasion “how did Obama do it?” The easy answer is to respond by explaining how different a presidential campaign is from most of the fundraising operations we work with …but that would be ignoring some very obvious and … Continue reading

Facebook for Fundraising Done Right

A recent Africa-focused charity just completed a Facebook campaign that should serve as the blueprint for how to run a successful online campaign. Childfund International ran a contest that increased the transparency of its operation, energized donors and supporters, drove up social network activity, and – perhaps most important – created online ambassadors for their … Continue reading

Online Giving Leads to Bigger Gifts and More First-time Donors

As online giving continues its yearly explosion in popularity, we’re starting to learn more about what Internet giving means to our fundraising efforts overall. One of the lessons seems to be that online is a great way to introduce new donors to your organization. First, have a look at this recent Blackbaud study on Internet … Continue reading

Florida State Wins Big with 36-hour Online Fundraising Campaign

In August 2011, BWF had the good fortune of being invited to conduct a social media strategy workshop at The Florida State University. After the workshop, Chad Warren – Director of Annual Giving, set to work applying the principles we established during the workshop. Within a few months, plans were in a place for an … Continue reading

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