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For Social Media Fundraising Success, Make Your Donors Feel Something

In fundraising, the ultimate metric is donors acquired or retained and dollars raised.┬áThe question is, how do we get there? What steps do we need to take in order to secure that final conversion or gift from a donor? One option is sharing a bundle of statistics that numerically demonstrate the impact your organization has … Continue reading

Michigan State’s Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

A handful of small projects are the beginning of what Michigan State development staff hope will be a massive change in annual giving work at the University. That change involves a shift of focus toward more donor engagement via crowdfunding. Crowdfunding allows donors – specifically new and smaller gift donors – to more clearly see … Continue reading

57% of Those Who Watch Nonprofit Videos Go On to Make a Donation

A recent survey from Google found that 57 percent of everyone who watches a nonprofit’s video will go on to make a donation to that nonprofit. 57 percent. So, what is your nonprofit’s video strategy? As recently as 10 years ago, that question was ludicrous for a large number of cash-strapped organizations. But video is … Continue reading

UMassGives Online Ambassador Campaign Acquires 1,500+ Donors – Most of them New

The online ambassadors strike again. This time at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (a BWF client) where the annual giving team led the inaugural UMassGives online fundraising campaign. Sarah Sligo, Executive Director of Annual Giving at UMass Amherst, had two goals in mind when the campaign planning started – acquire new donors (specifically young alumni … Continue reading

Smart, High-quality Content Leads to More Engaged Supporters

For years I’ve been preaching to audiences far and wide that “quality counts!” when producing online video. And for years, audiences have been pointing me toward videos that are grainy, hard to see, and even more difficult to comprehend …and those videos often earn tens of millions of YouTube views. Case in point, is the … Continue reading

Make Something Go Viral? No Problem

John Haydon is a fundraising consultant and blogger who, simply put, knows his stuff. His recent post – The Secret Behind Viral Content – is chock full of good tips for producing engaging content. Go read it, then come back and finish reading this post… Back? Cool. John suggests in his post, as many social … Continue reading

BWF – In a Theater Near You

We’re at it again. For our third, somewhat-pathetic-but-very-concerted attempt at humor, Bentz Whaley Flessner’s specialty services crew teamed up to create a movie trailer. As you would expect with any summer blockbuster, this one has its fair share of action, intense moments, driving music, and, yes, even an explosion or two. So, below for your … Continue reading

How to Shoot Quality Video Using Your Smart Phone

Let’s be clear – producing high quality video takes an experienced producer or team of producers. That said, thanks to modern technology, many of us are walking around with very capable cameras in our pockets right now – your smart phone. As fund raisers, we often come across great video opportunities, but don’t take advantage … Continue reading

Curating Content from the Duluth Flooding

Producing enough content to satisfy the appetite of modern media consumers is an almost impossible task to accomplish for any single organization. Which is why we often hear the phrase “content curation” when it comes to supplying a large amount of videos, pictures, audio, and written content via the various online and social channels. Even … Continue reading

Oberlin College’s Alumni Relations Viral Video Hit

Nostalgia. It’s a powerful emotion and one that can be an enormous asset for alumni and donor relations professionals. If you can harness or create nostalgia in the content you share from your accounts, your supporters will connect with your institution, which is a major step towards having them connect with your fundraising mission. To … Continue reading

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